Border Collies de Dakota


K LITTER -Planned for Summer 2017



Imhotep of Maranns Home

Flower of old Hill Gwendoline



Born in Spain : 24/01/2012

Inbreeding : 13 %

LOE -FCI : 2100421

Color: e- red (australien red)

Size: 48 cm -17 kg

Hips : Tested B (Avepa)

TNS: Clear - tested (Velogen)

Mdr1: Clear - tested (Velogen)

CLN5: Clear - tested (Velogen)

IGS: Clear - tested ( Velogen)

DM : Clear -tested (Velogen)


We will do it again !!!

We repeat this amazing cross on 2017

Possible Coats

Golden Red & White 100%

Rough (long) coat 100%



Inbreeding 22%

Cea Cl Tns clear

Pol Rus Ch Jessomine Aussie Merlot

Gold Grace Of Maranns Home [Bel]


Born in Germany : 27/06/2011

53 cm / 20,5 kg

Color: e- red (australien red)

Glaucom Clear

PRA Tested Clear

Katarat Clear

Hips : A1

TNS: Clear - tested

Mdr1: Clear - tested

CLN5: Clear - tested

No merle - tested




Pedigree of our "K" Litter

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More Photos from "Simba"

If you are interested in our puppy, feel free to contact us!! But please - tell us something about yourself, your plans with the puppy, where would the puppy live, what would the puppy do... not just "do you have puppies and what is the price?".

Confirmed Litter K with Eco Doppler Day 33

All pups are in the new home

L LITTER -Planned for Winter 2018


Arianne de Dakota (ESP) we look for the best-coming soon

Imhotep of Maranns Home (BEL)

Bleu Perle Dakota (ESP)


Born in Spain : 11/06/2011

Inbreeding : 13 %

FCI/RRC: 0128748

Color Carrier : e- red & tricolor

Size: 48 cm / 15 kg

Hips : B -Tested (Avepa)

TNS: Clear - tested (Velogen)

Mdr1: Clear - tested (Velogen)

CLN5: Clear - tested (Velogen)




Coming soon



M LITTER -Planned for Summer 2018


Possible Coats

Black & White 50%

Golden Red & White 50%

Rough (long) coat 100%


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