About Me

Hi There!

De Dakota is a kennel adhering to FCI / RSCE rules and my litters have the RSCE/FCI Pedigrees. We are located in Spain.

We speak German, English and  Spanish


The Border Collies are a very active Dogs and all my dogs Dakar, Gina ,Ari and Dakota compete in Agility and all are Class II,and Dakar compete Mushing, also like Dog Tricks, Mushing, Canicross ,Mantrailing and another sports etc..


Im really interested in the development of the pups and I like to stay in touch with the owners. To select the right owner, to make sure the pup ends up with the family that suits him/her best, is almost as hard as taking the correct decisions for breeding.

I do not expect all the owners to compete in one sport or another, like I do. I only like to see that the pups can canalize their endless energy in something meaningful.

Every owner of a De Dakota dog is a member of our “family”, and has our full, alltime help and advice in every question about the dogs!



Dogs shows are just part of our interests. Being a breeder of Border Collies is part of our life, we also enjoy the company and love the thrill of seeing our Border Collies exploring the natural environment, running and interacting with us.


When the pups are really young I focus on some important “socializing” aspects.

When they are 3-4 weeks of age they move to the outdoor puppy-zone where they can, accompanied by their mother, we worked with the pups proprioception, tunel, water, and 1000 things more


The Dakota Border Collies are all over the world , we have export to South Africa , Germany , Portugal , America etc

"Juules" (out Litter H) lives in Germany

"Yoshi" (out Litter N) lives in Portugal

"Echo" (out Litter D) lives in Ciudad del Cabo

"Chiquita" (out Litter P) lives in America

Bred by us

We have bred Champions ! 

Agility Champion , Show Champion , Fly Ball Champion , Canicross Champion  and Disc Dog Champion.  Very Thanks to all the owners. Please Click here for look the Border Collies bred by us

"Nitro" (out Litter E) lives in Johannesburgo

"Joker " (out Litter J) lives in Germany

"Prime" (out Litter P) lives in Germany

More photos from our Live