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LITTER   Y - Spring 2021

Litter Spring 2021



Dam: Dakota's Drive Of Silent Storm [Deu] 

Sire:  Xtreme Gulden Land [Cze]




Breeder : De Dakota

Color: brown tricolor

Hips : B (Setov 2017)

Inbreeding : 7 %

DNA Test

Hiplaxia 1 : Clear tested 2018

Hiplaxia 2: Clear tested 2018

TNS: Clear tested 2018

CEA: Clear tested 2018

CL: Clear tested 2018

MDR1: Clear tested 2018

IGS: Clear tested 2018

DM:Clear tested 2018

HUU: Clear tested 2018

PLL:Clear tested 2018

GG : Clear tested 2020

RS : Clear tested 2021 

SN : Clear tested 2021

Baer : Check ok

Semen proved 

Carrier color : Diluide


Agility FCI II 




Dam: Great Maggie del Valle de Dakota (Esp)

Sire : Jack del Valle (Esp)


Breeder: De Dakota

Color: Black white

Hips:  A  - Avepa 2020)

Inbreeding : 7 %

DNA Test

Hiplaxia 1 : Clear tested 2020

Hiplaxia 2: Clear tested 2020

TNS: Clear tested 2020

CEA: Clear tested 2020

CL: Clear tested 2020

MDR1: Clear tested 2020

IGS: Clear tested 2020

DM: Clear tested 2020

NCL : Clear tested 2020

HUU: Clear tested 2020

PLL:Clear tested 2020

RS: Clear tested 2020

SN : Clear tested 2020

Cystinuria Type II : Clear tested 2020

Baer : Check ok

Carrier color : Tricolor and e red


Possible Coats 

50% Tricolor

        50% black White


Rough (long) coat  100%


Puppies CEA TNS GG  clear 

Pedigree from this litter

 More Photos from Hello Piper del Valle de Dakota "Leo" (ESP) 

 More Photos from Olivia Aysha del Valle de Dakota (ESP) 

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